GB3YC promotes a better Yorkshire!

About Us

Our mission is to provide a usable VHF voice repeater which can cover all of East Yorkshire allowing it to be used by as many hams as possible with cheap cost effective radios.


Our Aim

It is our hope that we can provide low cost pre-programmed VHF radios for sale at the local rallies that GB3YC covers, the sale of the radios will assist with site costs and we also hope to be able to provide the backbone for any Raynet activities in the area.



TX 145.1500 MHZ CTCSS 88.5HZ

RX 145.7500 MHZ CTCSS 88.5HZ


Be sure to use full ctcss on your radio for the best use of this repeater

GB3YC and GB3NY Repeater Subs

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£ 10.00 

Please consider making a donation to keep this repeater up and running

just go to your paypal account and send your donation to(

The radio site is a commercial 4 leg 50m tower with a substantial brick building which itself is at 150m ASL, battery backup will be provided and in the future we should have a solar back up option so the repeater will be able to run without any mains supply should that arise. The antenna will be a commercial grade 6dbd omni on the top of the tower providing unrivaled hand held coverage of North and East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire and along the coast towards Norfolk and providing hand held coverage across the North Yorkshire moors and towards Middlesbrough.

GB3YC will provide that cover without expensive radios, without confusion as to which digital radio will work and which one wont, no fiddly settings to enter, just plain old ptt.

We are not using up valuable lottery money for this system it is being funded by local hams and the local 2way company who are providing the repeater and antenna, etc and all the tower rigging for free we also have the support of Hornsea radio club and Yorkshire raynet.

We intend to provide pre programmed and tuned radios for sale at very low costs (£20) at rallies to allow new hams get on GB3YC.

Please find below links to articles regarding GB3YC and real events supported by this repeater in the past.

We are also in the process of bringing GB3NY back on the air with the hope of linking these sites together for a repeater system that Yorkshire can be proud of.

Yorkshire Intertie website to follow once we have the other repeaters on air.

keepers preferences

when calling to make a contact i recommend calling cq as saying that you are listening may be understood as through you are just monitoring

please give priority to mobile and portable stations

Please don't say returning every over, you have not been anywhere

you only need to say your callsign every 15 minutes, please avoid excessive compulsive callsinging.

when giving reports remember the signal strength is from the repeater not the person you are talking to.


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