TX 438.4250 CTCSS 88.5HZ
RX 430.8250 CTCSS 88.5HZ

We hope to bring to East Yorkshire a UHF repeater that can give outstanding coverage of the local area and along the coast line for handheld radios.

Unlike some repeaters in the area we will provide full ctcss on both receive and transmit so there will be no interference or beeps which can be annoying and can mean the difference between using a repeater or not.

The repeater will be located at Temple farm near Carnaby with good views to the south to Hull and Grimsby

We hope to become part of the Yorkshire Intertie network which hopes to link analouge repeaters in Yorkshire together with no need for expensive digital radios and no need to remember dtmf codes to type in, just press the ptt and speak and you are automatically linked to the whole of Yorkshire.

We are looking for donations to help with the construction of this repeater

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